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Little steps towards the dream

When I was planning to move in to UK, I was not aware of any help group in facebook. We gathered bits and pieces of informations from our seniors, but there were thousand bubbles of questions hidden inside brewing from uncertainty to leave own comfort zone.

With all ifs and buts, we managed to pull through the endeavour of reaching and starting work in NHS. We had no idea how the pay structure was, what to look for before taking up a job, what is relocation fees, how would be the expenditure – we literally had no clue. All I knew was there is a thing called training post and we have to achieve that !

One fine morning, I was browsing the internet to gather as much information about ST3 as I could with my friend Mouni Faria and got a website called http://www.st3recruitment.org.uk. This website pretty much explains everything you need to know about training program. We were quite unpleasantly surprised that how come we had no idea about this website, we could have brought all the necessary documents from bangladesh before we moved in. That was the day we planned to start this group. Eventually, Rashad Riasat Haque Bhaia and Mahjabeen Rahman Rini apu offered their kindest support and we started the group 1 yr back.

I believe in finding solution of the problem, rather than analysing the root of it.When I see hospital full of doctors from other nationalities, I felt we are outnumbered not because of talent, mainly as a result of lack of information, decisive attitude, apprehension to move into a new place and most importantly, lack of appropriate guidance to get the head start.

This is now a group of  thousands of members with different aspirations but one thing makes us united and that is our urge to help each other in the best possible way with all the correct information we have. I thank every single person wholeheartedly who is asking question and those who are coming up with extremely helpful solutions.

Thank you so very much for being with us. On a positive note, lets change our views because together we conquer 

Founder: Mahjabin Islam Aurin ( ST3  Neurology, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, South Yorkshire Deanery)

Co Founders:

  1. Ahijit Chowdhury ( ST3 Acute Medicine- East Midlands North)
  2.  Faria Waliul ( Senior Clinical Fellow  – Kings Mill Hospital )
  3. Mahjabeen Rahman Rini ( Trust Grade SpR – Russels Hall Hospital)
  4. Rashad Riasat Haque ( Senior Clinical Fellow – Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust )

Page Admins

  1. Nadia Islam ( ST1 Obs and Gynae – South Yorkshire and The Humber Deanery )
  2.  Shajedur Rahman Shawon ( PhD Researcher at University of Oxford )


  1. Syed Hasinul Haque Rahin ( ST3  Acute Medicine- West Midlands )

Website Designer and Moderator:

  1. Qamar Hejazi ( FY2 – University Hospitals of Leicester)


Tanvir Hossain ( ST6 General Surgery – East Midlands Deanery )

Ruhina Alam ( Specialty Registrar Cardio-thoracic Surgery- Brighton and Sussex University Hospital )

Samiha Naureen ( ST4  Respiratory Medicine- East of England Deanery )

Sanjoy Chowdhury ( ST3 Cardiology – North West Deanery )


ST3 Trainee( south yorkshire Deanery) 


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Atikur rahman

    Sir,i recently completed my internship..i choose to study in surgery..as i want to go abroad..some people says that it is difficult to practice surgery in uk..is it true?.. Which one is better plab or preparing for mrcp in bangladesh..?..about totall cost in both case..thank u..


  2. I’m immensely happy to see this effort. I can see that a lot of hard work has been put into this. You have done an amazing job for your juniors. Thank you so very much for going out of your way for doing this for others! 🙂


    1. Thanks for your encouragement. We are trying to build a one stop hub to get all info regarding post-graduation both in home & abroad for Bangladeshi doctors. Your altruistic work is always a source of inspiration for us. Thanks again for taking your time to appreciate this effort.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. abdullah omor

    How can I plan for arranging the large sum of money required for plab as I can’t take it from my family??
    or should I quit my plan for plab???
    can anyone suggest??


  4. Anushree

    I have completed my MD dermatology in my home country..I have also finished mrcp ..is getting a training post in dermatology easy ?
    If not how could I work as gp with special interest in dermatology.


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