Hello everyone. I’ve completed my MRCP in last diet. No doubt it’s a long journey, but ultimately accomplished it by the grace of Almighty.

MRCP is a dream for many of the aspiring doctors like me. It’s tough but not impossible. My journey started in 2014. As I joined in government job so it took a huge time from me. Finally in November’17 I completed my MRCP part two written. Basically my paces journey started from January’18. Initially it was a big challenge for me as I was not aware of the system, syllabus, no reading partners. In a word I was in line of fire with my hands tied.

In the meantime I got some wonderful study partners who were at a time my partners and guide as well. Study partner is very important in paces preparation. In my opinion, finding out a sincere study partner is a pivotal thing during paces journey.

People say there’s nothing much to study during paces, but I don’t agree with that. If you don’t go through books, you won’t be confident enough.

  • Initially I started to give reading the whole station 5 and station 4 (communications) from Ryder. You may go through five to six topics daily, it won’t take much time but will make a strong base to start your preparation.
  • It’s better to join any of the coaching and maintain continuation. It will be helpful to get proper guidance, small necessary tips and you’ll be in touch of practice regularly.
  • Now coming to the individual station. Station 1& 3 carry a considerable mark. It’s very important for the candidates who will give exam in India. And so give special attention to station 1 & 3 from very beginning. I have read OST and fast paces note as adjunct for theory and crossing. Try to practice each of the four system regularly and methodically, even on your family member as well if can’t go to hospital daily. If our method of physical examination is correct and spontaneous, we can easily secure 4 marks out of 20. And be careful about patient welfare ie be gentle, take consent before examination and exposure and thus secure another 4 marks. The rest for correct findings and theory like differentials, investigation, management. After regular practice you won’t miss any findings at the end the preparation for sure.
  • For station 2 I went through the OST history book and collected the last one year station 2 list. There are some common topics favourite of RCP. Practice those regularly, at least one daily.
  • Ryder is a awesome book for communications and ethics (station 4). You’ll get the overall idea by reading the ryder station 4 because it’s easier to remember and also covers almost all topics appeared in the exam. There are some ethical and legal issues in station 4 which are new to us. These are nicely written in Ryder. I also have read Sadek Al Rokh and The last second mrcp paces (zakharious). These are some nice books that may help.
  • Station 5 is the key to pass in the paces. There are two BCC (brief clinical consultation) in exam that contain 56 (28 in each) marks out of 172. In maximum cases pass or fail depends on how you score in station 5. Ryder and OST both are good resources for station 5. Again practice has no alternative to build your perfection. Collect past 2/3 diet’s cases and practice accordingly.

These are all about my paces. I know I couldn’t elaborate meticulously. To suggest anyone regarding paces, only one thing I could say, ‘practice, practice and more practice… It’ll make your day.

Thanks for your patience and keep me in you prayer.


3.Sadek al rokh
4.The last second medicine
5. Fast paces note

Dr. Tanjina Nasrin Nipa

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