My Experience of MRCP Exam: Part 1

☑️Score : 796 ,First Attempt

☑️Preparation Time : Dedicated 3 months

☑️Study Materials:

1️⃣ Pass Medicine
2️⃣ On Exam
3️⃣ Khalid El Magraby
4️⃣ Notes and Notes
5️⃣ First Aid for USMLE Step 1.

☑️ Strategies:

1.Pass Medicine is the cornerstone of MRCP Part 1 prep.Read it,revise it and not forget to retain.
2.On Exam or Pastest? Choice is your’s.If you have 6 months go for Pastest.If 3 months On exam is preferred.I did On exam.
3.Make a personalized last minute note.Only write down ‘Easy to forget’ key points.This will come handy during the the last hours of prep.
4.Review Books: Khalid is preferred.I read it once.The guidelines in Khalid are outdated.Read them from passmedicine .Notes and Notes is very detailed.You will find it difficult to revise during final hours.Just read highlighted point of Notes and Notes.
5.Do past papers a lot.I used from the very beginning of prep.Do at least 50 qs per day.No need to read explanation,just do questions.
6.Questions are conceptual . Try to understand why it’s a right answer or wrong. Memorization without deep understanding will not help.
7.Limit your study materials.Dont overburden yourself with reference books.Put them aside.Just concentrate on qbanks.
8.I used First Aid for USMLE Step 1 for basic.I used it during my USMLE preps.I revised it once.
9.Clinical experience helps.I answered some qs from my Medicine and Cardiology training experience.
10.Be proactive.Follow post in the FB group and WhatsApp.Interact people with positive energy.

Study hard and be motivated.Last but not the least I would like to remind you an old saying-

“The glory is not in never falling but in rising every time you fall.”

Dr.Sharfuddin Mahmood(CMC 49th)


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