My IMT Interview Experience (Round 2)

Ethical station:

1) Discussion with upset daughter whose mother suffered a stroke as a complication of surgery due to a subdural bleed & now confused, bed bound and has no capacity. She was transferred from surgery for rehab. Daughter is determined to make a complaint against the neurosurgery team.

Key points in answer – Find out who is NOK/lasting power of attorney, go through the notes before discussing with the daughter, empathy & sympathy towards the daughter, find out her concerns, find out if the complications relating to the surgery has been discussed before with the patient/family by the surgeons, find out what the daughter wants for her mother now, tell her about ot/pt review for her mother, tell her we can arrange a best interest meeting by the MDT team, ask her if she wants to discuss anything else with seniors/surgeons.

Interviewers – Daughter still wants to make complaint, whats the process > Inform her about PALS, inform the nurse in charge/ward clerk about it.

2) One of your colleague tells you that he has Hep B and wants to pursue career in a field where patients wont be harmed

Seek info, ask his concerns, sympathize with him, advise him to go to occupational health, inform his supervisor, ask him if there has been any needle stick incidents, offer support, advise stop his training/job until its been sorted out.

Interviewers – If he denies to inform anyone – lI will inform myself. Clinical/educational supervisor > medical director. Any one to inform outside – Defense union. Anyone else? I answered well there is always GMC (they laughed and agreed)

Evidence Station:

Asked about my responsibilities on my current job, why my experience can be considerable for IMT, teaching experience ( i just did one departmental teaching and got feedback from consultant – i told that i had very good feedback from my clinical supervisor apart from a comment that I talk a bit fast, interviewers were really nice, they laughed and said you are doing great so far, don’t worry!), asked about QIP but I did not do any audits but told about my plans for conducting an audit, I have a MSc. and was asked about how it would help me, I was asked about what challenges i would face during IMT, asked if I passed any exms – told that passed mrcp part 1 and part 2 and planning to sit for paces soon.

*Piece of advise – brag a lot on this station*

Clinical Station:

83 y, F came with leg cellulitis was started on clindamycin as per micro. 2 days after leg did not improve but patient developed severe diarrhoea, tender abdo, BP – low, Temp – 38, AKI.

Start with ABCD approach, give fluids, send bloods, and stool sample, find out patients treatment escalation plan, inform senior.

Main d/d – C. Diff. Isolate the patient, inform infection control, inform nurses. Discuss with micro/start tx as per trust guideline, AXR – exclude toxic megacolon/ any perforation.

R/V leg cellulitis as no improvement, ?Anything else going on, d/w micro. Inform patient that sometimes Abx can cause our own “tummy bug” flared up and causes this type of diarrohea, it can be treated with another type of Abx but also informed about the complications of C. diff.


***My shortlist score was just 5 ( just for my MSc.) but I scored 69.65 out of 97 on my interview. I was ranked 117 and offered a place on KSS deanery – Sussex.***

***interviewers are super friendly, always give you leads and always help you out. There is not much to prepare for IMT interview if you have enough experience in NHS. Everything asked during the interview are common things we do on our everyday job anyway.***

Dr. Tasmim Ferdous Khalil
GP Trainee, East of England deanery


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