My Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ) Enquiry Experience :

A lot of people are going through this hurdle these days so I thought it might be helpful to others if I share my experience. DO NOT PANIC, its no big deal and can be taken care of.

Why PMQ Enquiry:

GMC go through this PMQ enquiry for three reasons:

1.If you are the first applicant from your Medical College (Congratulations on representing your Medical college to the world.

2.If the time gap between the last applicant and you is 10 years, the GMC wants to reassure your medical still makes upto their standard.3.If they suspect the MBBS degress isnt upto their standard.

You may check their criteria for accepting a primary medical qualification by GMC here

Now lets deal with the real problem

After applying for GMC registration I got an email from the GMC asking to fill up the PMQ enquiry form and supply them with a few documents. In my case it were the following documents :

  • scanned copy of passport as identification
  • Letter from my Medical College stating the length of course in years and clock hours and the number of years and clock hours personally attended by me.
  • Clinical clerkship Certificate stating the dates of clicnical rotation and duration
    Transcript certificate including the clock hours of classes held in each subject and the number of hours attended by me.

All the above documents must be sent as a single attached file in pdf format.
P.s I got all my documents from my medical college but it can also be collected from the office of the dean.

Please be very careful in filling up the PMQ form and send the documents that were specifically asked of you.Every case is different for the GMC. Please have patience as it might take a while for this entire process to be completed.

you came A long way up the hill this is only the last part before you reap the fruit…Hold on Strong… You are Awesome!!!

Here’s all of my certificates for reference for PMQ enquiry



Dr. Afsana Jasmine Nipa


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