Commonwealth Scholarship : After Selection

I will talk about the steps to take after getting nominated by UGC in this post. 1. Selection of University and course: I would suggest to look for universities which are best/ well known for your chosen subject in the UK. Like, I chose Neurology and searched for “Top universities of Neurology in the UK” …

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Commonwealth Scholarship : How to Apply

I’ve promised to continue the post and today I would like to discuss the procedure of application and the preparation for it. How to apply for commonwealth scholarship: First of all, the question is whether to apply for the university first or the scholarship first. Here, I would like to say that if you decide/ plan …

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MEXT scholarship Application Guideline

Those who want to apply for MEXT scholarship ( Also known as Monkagubusho Scholarship- fully funded scholarship to Japan)- 1. Give IELTS or TOFEL. Its bears much importance. This is the single most important criteria to be selected for written examination passing the screening round. 2. Choice of subject: My take on this, dont apply …

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