OET Experience

It’s a long post but I had to write as I appeared OET for 3 times.

Here I am starting:
My first attempt was on 11 August .It was on old format.Listening & Reading of old format were changed in new format keeping Writing & Speaking same in both old & new formats.

I failed that attempt on Listening ( C+ ) & Writing ( C ).Other two were B.
That time I was involved in a tough job and couldn’t make enough time to practise. Just took gross ideas from test 2014-15 questions available on Google drive.

However I again tried on October at new format.I practised new materials available on Google drive for Listening and Reading.This time I got chance few time for preparation but was not enough to pass.I failed in Listening ( C+) again & Speaking (C+).That made be panicked as I was confident most about speaking.

I became really very frustrated but I didn’t loss hope.Then I prepared my mind for January exam and took advises for passed seniors.
I think apart from past two attempts this time I was able to take effective preparations for two months with job.

So,this time detailing of my practice is..

●Listening :

Part A:

I have started listening more and more emergency serials as I was failing repeatedly to pick up conversations in part A.
Here I am mentioning examples of youtube videos of emergency serials which will be 40-45 mins length.

1:Kings College Hospital ER serials
2:Medical ER australia
3:Keeping Australia alive serials
4:Trauma Doctors
5:Air Ambulance ER
6.Guys Hospital ER
7.24/7 Hopkins

I also listened Health minutes videos conducted by Dr.Norman Swan.There are about 20 talk shows of him which are available on YouTube named OET videos I would highly recommend these videos for Listening of OET.

Part B:

You need to answer 6 extract here .Here is a tip I learned from one helpful senior brother.

when you are listening one extract, usually they tell the answer at very first.
Suppose a question need to answer after listening a extract.I am giving a simple example:
You are listening a conversation between two nurses at evening shift:
What will be the most important thing need to do for a patient next morning:
a. A CT scan
b.A psychology referral
c.Physiotherapist will visit her
d.Patient may discharge

Usually they mention the answer at very fist of their conversation, e.g.A CT scan.
But they try to bias the candidate saying very loudly about pt’s discharge at the end of the conversation.

Part C:

Here will be two extracts. 6 questions for each extract need to answer.Total 12 questions. This is the toughest portion of listening. I always tried to read and find out the key point of each question before the listening start and tried to listen the key point of question during conversation I already made and tried to answer.

  • You must do good in Part A ,e.g.to correct at least 22 out 24 to score > 350 in Listening. And 4/5 out of 6 in Part B as Part C is a bit unpredictable.
  • Try to use the time and predict the answer in blanks of Part A before conversation starts.
  • Good thing is those who appeared IELTS before OET listening would not be a great thing for them and they can make it first attempt.



Here I practiced old format sample again and again as it didn’t change.
I made few prototype of writing following 3 writing samples of OET practice book 1,2,3 and two writing samples of OET online account. I just tried to solve letters using template of these 5 letters. There is no fixed format of writing. But here I followed few ways.

  • I read the letter from top to bottom very carefully and made a clinical picture of it in my mind and set a line through which the letter should go (during the first 5 mins of exam when you will be not allowed to write but you can think.)
  • I tried to write the introductory para in 2/3 lines , preferably 2 but not more than 3 which will reflects the whole meaning of letter at a glance.
  • I divided all referral letter in two cases
    Acute:e.g.Meningitis in a young pt
    Chronic;e.g.Long standing DM now uncontrolled,OA now need knee replacement. Also look for the last para of the question paper which will help you to write a good introductory para.

I am suggesting to keep extra care on writing introductory para as it will decline your Marks rapidly more than other para in mid. Almost 80 percent chance to get a referral letter in exam.I got discharge letter one time in my first attempt. I suggest to practise referral letter more and more and just take idea of writing discharge letter as very few chance to get a discharge letter in exam.


For part A believe me I found this portion of reading very easy to score including my all attempts.you can answer all blanks if you practise a bit.Again I practised Google drive materials specially 28 Set Reading,3 OET practice book , OET account samples.
Like listening part A you must score high in reading part A to score >350. For part B and C there are no specific way.If you practise you can find key point and answers. Those who practised IELTS books before reading won’t be a big deal for them.


Those who passed PACES speaking is very easy for them.It is even much easier than IELTS speaking.Just practice role play for 2-4 weeks with your partner ,watch avaiable you tube videos and you can nail it.

I didn’t do any coaching,didn’t subscribe anything,didn’t give mock.I think as I failed two times it was equivalent to any coaching or mock.
If anyone needs any further explanation please don’t hesitate to contact me.
There is no cost effective hard copy materials for OET. Solve materials which are available on Google drive,listen and watch YouTube videos,practice for 2-3 months then it is very easy to pass.

Good luck to all.Thanks for reading such a long post.Hope it would be helpful.🙂🙂

Dr. Ananya Mouli Baral

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