My GP ST1 preparation

I always wanted to go for CMT. However, I changed my mind and decided to go for GP instead just few days before the application deadline for round 1 re-advert. I had no idea regarding the stages of GP application. I joined the GP group on facebook and came to know that I need to pass the MSRA exam after being short listed in stage 1! I had only 12 days (while working full time with oncalls/nights) to prepare for the MSRA exam. I studied only Emedica online question bank, finished the question bank twice and scored 482 (Band 3 & 2).

I was invited for stage 3/interview then. I had only a week to prepare for the stage 3 exam while working full time. I subscribed emedica online materials & went through a book given by one of my colleague. I did really well on stage 3, scored 48/52 & I ranked 164.

Stage 3 is based on communication skills & communication skills only. From my point of view Stage 3 is a really easy exam if you are familiar with how things are done in NHS and if you have good communication skills. However, stage 3 can be the worst exam for you if you lack in good communication skills. For MSRA exam, focus on scoring high, study at least a month because it accounts 60% of your whole score. The higher you score there is more chance you will get an offer and if you want to have your training in a particular area, you have to score well on MSRA.

I have accepted my GP ST1 offer in Norfolk under East of England deanery.

Dr. Tasmim Ferdous Khalil
GP Trainee, East of England deanery.

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