Frequently Asked Questions About CT/ST Training

This post is to clarify few confusion about CT/ST training

1. Can IMGs apply in ST3 round 1?

Yes, definitely can. The issue with round 1 and round 2 can be simply explained. In round 1, you have to wait till all british/ EU/ ILR / Already at training candidates receive their post and then u are allowed to receive an offer. In round 2, if you qualify for a post, you will be offered with the post despite being IMG.

There are usually few posts left after clearance in round 1 ( clearance means they have offered post to all locals ) unless the specialty is extremely competitive like cardiology/ neurology/ gastroenterology etc.

2. Round 1 CMT and Round 1 ST3 : the application opens at the same time?

No, Round 1 CMT / ST1 application starts in November, preceding year.

Example : CMT Round – 1, 2019
Applications open – Wednesday 7 November 2018 (10am, UK time)
close – Thursday 29 November 2018 (4pm, UK time)
Please have a look in the following website:…/dates-posts

For ST3, Round 1 application starts in February. Thats a completely different application at different time.

Example: ST3 round-1 2019
Applications open – Wednesday 30 January 2019 (10am, UK time)
close – Wednesday 20 February 2019 (4pm, UK time)

Please follow the website:…/timeline

One thing is worth mentioning: the take for CMT/ST1 is only in august, no matter you are offered in round 1 or round 2.

For ST3, there are 2 takes, one in August/September time for round 1, January/ February for round 2.

3. I want to do neurology/cardiology/ respiratory/ renal etc… I heard this is not possible for IMGs!

If you are really passionate about working in a particular specialty, all you need is a good CV that reflects your passion and ability to tackle the interview the way your fellow candidates would do to excel. Rather than deviating from your aspiration, lets work really hard and give the best shot. Make sure you are aware about the competition ratio of different specialties. But, that is not the only indicator whether you will get the post or not, rather its your hard work and a bit of luck, that should determine the fact and the reality.

Surgical specialties function differently. They have fewer posts and more inclined to natives. Still worth a try as I know people who have successfully obtained training post in general surgery.

In summary, specialty training is extremely competitive. Remember, now a days, everyone knows how to prepare and candidates are really well prepared with a spot on CV and superb communication skill. Even less competitive specialties need commitments otherwise very easy to get rejected. But, working towards the interview for about 6-12 months will help you to defy the difficulties.

4. I am currently on dependent visa, can I apply for training?

Yes, of course you can. If you are offered with a post, you will get a new certificate of sponsorship of your own and will start training on your new visa. But, you have to do your new visa from your home country.

** I have tried every way to do it fron here, no luck !! **

5. Can I apply for multiple specialties?

Yes, you can apply for as many specialties as you want. But, you will usually get the post in which you have work experience and better commitment.

Thats all I can remember from the inbox questions. If you have got any further question regarding ST training, please put it in the comments. I am happy to answer or tag people who can help.

Last word – why would you settle for less when you have the chance to embark onto the best option? Think about it. All the best .

ST3 Trainee( East Midlands Deanery) 


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