Commonwealth Scholarship : After Selection

I will talk about the steps to take after getting nominated by UGC in this post.

1. Selection of University and course:

I would suggest to look for universities which are best/ well known for your chosen subject in the UK. Like, I chose Neurology and searched for “Top universities of Neurology in the UK” and then applied for the first 3 in the list.
When you get the list, go into the details of each course in the university website. Read the details and the entry requirements thoroughly. Understand if you fulfil the criteria and if the course sounds interesting to you. Make a list of 3 courses in 3 universities. Apply to those separately. Keep the deadline in your mind so that you complete the application by the time.

2. Electronic portal:

After getting the nomination, UGC will give you a link to the electronic portal. You have to go to the link in the Commonwealth Scholarship website and complete the application form within a limited time ( 10-12 days) . You have to give details of 3 referees. So, think about 3 professors/ supervisors you had worked under and ask them if they are happy to be your referee. Always maintain good communication with them so that they send the references by the deadline.

3. What happens afterwards?

Now, your university applications are done and electronic portal submission is also done. So, you can wait for confirmation emails from universities and Commonwealth Scholarship commission. Usually the final confirmation comes in the month of June- July of the study year.

If anyone has any specific questions, you can ask me in the comment section. I will try my best to answer those.

Many thanks for being patient with me.
Much love! 💖

Dr. Sanjida Chowdhury


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