Introduction to NHS for IMG doctors: (Part 1)

Today the discussion is about – how you will have to deal with a process called “Settling Down”

Lets Begin our journey within the UK:

1. From Airport:

Most of us want to take our journey from dhaka to london heathrow – reason being the GMC registration before starting the job. In that case, we need to stay overnight in london.

So, if you dont have a relative to stay with, please book a hotel/bnb in around central london well prior to your journey as central london is expensive and earlier you book, better you save money.

You can take taxi from heathrow which will take around £70. Or you can use undergroud rail famously known as Tube. Heathrow airport has direct connection with the city through tube and bus( heathrow express)…/heathrow-london

Plan your journey within london: you can use oyster card for london intracity travel. You can plan your journey using this website

You can go to a underground station and seek help from the tfl officers and they can guide you how to get an oyster card.

Here is the link for all you need to know about your cards and passes for travelling inside london:…/where-to-top-up-and-buy-tickets

Welldone, you reached the GMC office, got your registration and heading off to your work place by a bus/train whichever suitable.

2. Accomodation:

Its very important to plan ahead about accomodation. You are left with 4 options:

A. Accomodation from the hospital:
Best option to start with, start emailing HR as soon as you secure job.

Pros: close to the hospital, no verification needed, will not need to deposit until you receive your 1st salary

Cons: you may need to share accomodation

B. Rented Property:
Thats the ideal one to have but may be difficult to obtain at the very beginning for 2 reasons:
a. You dont have a UK bank account yet
b. You cant rent a property until you are already in the uk as the agencies will not allow you to rent without viewing the property by yourself( no one can do it on your behalf. But you can keep browsing following websites to have an idea about the rent and location
Once you have a bank account, HR letter and enough money to deposit, you can immediately move out of the accomodation and rent your own property.

C. Travelodge:
You can rent Travelodge or BnB for 7-10days in case you were unable to manage any of the above. Once you have joined the hospital and have a bank account, off you move.

D. Stay with a close friend or acquaintances:
Extremely lucky people have friends/ family in the same place they work in. You can sort your documents out and then rent your own place.

3. Bank account:

You will need a letter from your HR mentioning your Uk address and your salary for a bank account to be opened.We found HSBC very co-operative who gave us both debit and credit card straightaway.Lloyd and Barclays usually make lot of fuss for a new bank account opened by a migrant.

4. BRP collection:

Biometric Residence Permit is your main legal document to stay in the UK. You will be given an address in your visa document to collect the BRP from a postoffice nearby. You need to collect within 10 days of your arrival in the UK.

5. Money

How much money is enough to begin with?
Answer is : as much as you have.

From my experience, atleast £3000 -£4000 is necessary to get an initial set up before getting salary, expenditure includes food, rent, travel, basic needs at household etc.
It takes about 1 month to get the 1st salary, so lets be prepared for the cost for 1st month.

In the next half, I am gonna write about what to expect inside the hospitals – ins and outs, expect less in 1st month, how to deal with inevitable depression and how to protect yourself from troubles, insurances etc.

It is daunting to move in a completely different country with different norms and practices. But always remember, the species that have the best ability to adapt is “human being”

So think positive and be optimistic because that is the key to success.

ST3 Trainee( East Midlands Deanery) 


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