How to Survive as a mother & a doctor in UK

Hello all lovely group members! A good percentage of the female members are enjoying motherhood or planning to be a mother in the near future. My today’s post is for all those brilliant ladies out there who are doing fantastic jobs maintaining their role as mothers and physicians at the same time.

Let me start with a bit introduction of myself. I am Dr Faria Waliul. I graduated from Dhaka Medical College . I passed my MRCP from Royal College of Physicians in 2016 when my daughter was 2 years old and moved to the UK on the same year with my husband . I passed IELTS with a score of 8.0 in 2017 and currently working as a registrar of Acute Medicine in the UK.

Being a mother of a toddler, my MRCP journey was not smooth at all. That is why I felt the need to give few advice to my fellow female members of the group who are struggling to progress their postgraduation career due to childcare issues.


The harsh reality is we have much less time and energy to prepare for our post graduate examinations compared to our male counterparts. At first we need to fix our goal so that we can invest our precious time to reach that. If you are really focused to go abroad, there’s really no point of wasting time in preparing for BCS just because your batchmates are doing so . With the limited time you have got in your hand after fulfilling your role as a mummy, you can prepare yourself at the same time for one exam not two. My advice is , it is always better to fix your goal , be it MRCP/ PLAB/ AMC/ BCS/ FCPS .


2. INVOLVE in your partner in your decisions

When you are the parents of a young child, you have to work as a team especially if you are planning to go abroad. If you plan to take any licensing exam, plan to take them together. Moving to a different country is a life changing decision and it should be a mutual. It would be very helpful for financial stability if both husband and wife have proper jobs after moving country.

3. TIME management 

Please try to study for at least 3/4 hours everyday for the exam. You can request your family members to look after the baby for 2/3 hours at daytime and utilize the time to study. Babies sleep longer, so make a routine of study when they are sleeping as well. Utilize the support from your mother/ mother in law to go to library for few hours for uninterrupted study time.


Our society does not always encourage mothers to study for post graduation. There will be taunts and words of discouragement from people, sometimes even from close ones but those should never let you down. You have already endured hardship to come this far to become a doctor. Have faith in yourself to achieve your goal. Plan, focus, manage time effectively, believe in your capability and you can touch the sky some day .

Happy motherhood and best of luck to everyone to achieve your dream.

Dr. Faria Waliul 

Senior Clinical Fellow

Kings Mill Hospital 


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