Occupational English Test

Good news everyone! GMC has allowed for a new method of English proficiency to be accepted. Say hello to the Occupational English Test (OET)!

⊗⊗ What is the OET?

It is an English language proficiency test which assess the language and communication skills of healthcare professionals.

⊗⊗ Is OET mandatory to obtain GMC registration?

No. This is just another way to prove English language proficiency alongside IELTS and PMQ taught and examined in English. To obtain GMC registration, you can use any one of these three when it meets GMC criteria.

⊗⊗ What does the exam test?

The OET judges your listening, reading, writing and speaking abilities but emphasizes a medical and healthcare aspect.

⊗⊗ How much do I need to score to obtain GMC registration?

You will need to get a B in each module of the exam in order to be considered eligible in the eyes of the GMC.

It will take you about 16 days from the day of your exam to see your results via the online portal on the OET website. The official document will be mailed to you within 10 working days.

⊗⊗ How much is this exam going to set me back?

As this exam is Australian based, the cost is set in Australian dollar (AUD). As such, it will cost you $587 AUD (~ £332 GBP).

⊗⊗ Required ID Documents?

You will need a digital passport photo along with a proper form of identification(NID)

⊗⊗ Where and when is this exam available?

OET is available in Bangladesh for the first time from February 2017. The new OET Test Venue is managed by the FutureEd English Language Centre in Dhaka

⊗⊗ If I take OET, will I have to take IELTS?

Till now  OET is only accepted for GMC registration, nothing else. For Tier 2 visa purpose, you may have to take “IELTS for UKVI”

Courtesy:Road to UK


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