IELTS and UKVI IELTS are names of two different business partners who test English language skills. Thus, IELTS and UKVI IELTS are essentially selling the same thing. Since they are selling the same thing, one can use IELTS certificate issued by one test centre (in my example it was University of Manchester) or UKVI in any other place where IELTS is acceptable.

For PLAB and GMC Registration:

For PLAB exam and GMC registration one MUST have ACADEMIC version of IELTS irrespective of whether it’s obtained from UKVI (UKVI IELTS) or any other institute/test centre (IELTS). General IELTS will not be accepted at any point. GMC consider IELTS score valid for two (2) years only!You MUST have a VALID IELTS score to book PLAB .You MUST have a valid IELTS at the time you APPLY for GMC registration.

For Visa

One of the rules of immigration to grant visa is that the applicant must have some level of competency for English language. UKVI said CEFR level B1 is required which is equivalent to IELTS  overall band 4.


To sum up-

# For GMC- Need ILETS (any format will work)/OET, required score 7.5/B+
#For UKVI – Need to apply for tier 2 visa after getting visa. If attend UKVI, it will cover both.

Few things to remember-
1) Academic costs 16k, UKVI costs 23k
2)UKVI will be valid for both GMC & tier 2 visa application. Academic will not be accepted for visa purpose.
3) For GMC, need 7.5, for tier 2 visa need only 4.
4)Both formats will be valid for 2 years.

Hope it helps to clear confusions. Cheers!!!

Dr. Qamar Uddin Hejazi


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