A Timeline for PLAB journey

So, overall PLAB pathway is like this-

IELTS/OET> PLAB 1 exam > Getting UK visa for PLAB 2 > PLAB 2 exam > ID check > Full GMC registration > Apply for a job > Start a job at FY2/ST1 level.


For PLAB aspirants, the whole journey could be planned like this-

August 2018: Get required IELTS/OET socre
November 2018:Appear for PLAB 1
December 2018 : Pass PLAB 1.
January 2019: Get UK visitor visa for PLAB 2
Febrauary 2019: Attend Academy for PLAB 2 prep course
April 2019: Appear for PLAB 2
May 2019: Pass PLAB 2 & Get full GMC registration
June 2019: Get a job offer
July 2019: Get COS & Tier-2 visa
August 2019: Start working as a doctor in UK


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