My experience: application for GMC registration & ID check::

This was the easiest step throughout my PLAB journey

Let’s begin-

After passing PLAB 2, GMC will send an email to congratulate you and to start the process to obtain full GMC registration.

First, need to submit an application from GMC online account for full registration. Log into your GMC account and go to My registration> My application> Apply.
Then a new window will open and will ask for information about-

# Internship Details
# Name Details
# Recent Professional Experience :

**You will need to provide information from the last five years OR the date your primary medical qualification was awarded, if it was less than five years ago.
**You also need to account for any periods when you were unemployed or not engaged in medical practice, for example extended holidays or maternity leave. Do not leave any gaps of more than 28 days, otherwise you will not be able to submit your application. While filling up this part,

“Always mention the word ‘ self-directed study’ for any kind of exam preparation even if you attend in any academy/coaching. It will lessen burden of extra paperwork.”

# Registration & licensing
# Fitness to practise – your health
# Declaration of fitness to practise
# Final Declaration

Fill up these forms patiently with authentic information. At the end you will be asked to pay 150 GBP as registration fee. Previously it was 200 GBP. Thanks to GMC, now junior doctors need to pay less (…/managing-your-reg…/fees-and-funding)

After that GMC will send another email email telling you what documents you need to send. Most commonly they ask for –

  • Your passport (s)
  • PMQ (MBBS or equivalent) certificate
  • EPIC documents
  • Certificate of Good standing
  • Evidence of your knowledge of English (IELTS Test Report Form)
  • Internship/House Job completion certificate
  • Letter from your medical regulatory board saying your internship was under provisional registration and was accepted (if it was)
  • Employer References- ONLY when-
    *Any periods of non-medical work completed in the last five years
    *Any periods of medical work for which you did not hold any registration in the last five years.

How to collect documents:

You need to complete verification for PMQ by EPIC and get Certificate of Good standing(CGS) & letter of internship from BMDC. To get required documents from BMDC, following things are needed-

  • •Application (stating reason) with documentary evidence.
  • Bio-data with working experience (if any); place and duration of work to be mentioned.
  • Character certificate from a registered physician mentioning registration number of the certifying physician/ 1st class Gazetted Officer.
  • Photocopy of valid full registration certificate.
  • Two copies of recent passport size photograph attested on backside by a registered physician/1st class Gazetted Officer. Registration number of the physician must be quoted under his/her seal and signature.
  • Performance certificate from last employment authority from inland and abroad.
  • Declaration form to be signed by the applicant which is available in this office.
  • Fees for certificate of good standing to be paid by bank draft/pay order/cash , payable to Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.
  • Those who are in Govt. service should apply through his/ her controlling officer.
  • Photocopy of M.B.B.S. Certificate.
  • Along with these documents, provide another application for letter of internship. BMDC usually issue both documents together.

Fee: BMDC charges 3000/- for CGS and extra 300/- as urgent fee.

Time : Usually it takes 7-14 days to get all the required documents even if it’s urgent. But if it’s urgent, you know the way!!!!

How to send the documents:

Once you have all required documents, scan all of them and make pdfs. Then combine all documents in a single pdf in an order mentioned in GMC email and send that file.After few days, GMC will send another email inviting you to come for an ID check with all the original documents required.

Booking ID check:

You can book a date for ID check immediately after PLAB 2 exam. Recently, GMC is discouraging this practice. It’s up to you if you want to book it in advance or not . It’s completely free of charge and you can cancel it anytime. You can complete ID check in GMC office either in Manchester or London.

What happens during ID Check:

On the day of ID check, go to GMC office in time. Once you’ve reach GMC office, they will ask you to wait. When it’s time they will call you. Then an officer will ask for original documents and will cross check it with the documents in their server. After that, they will take a photo of yours and will update your info in online database of registered doctors in UK. At the end, they will ask for an address where they will send a printed copy of GMC registration certificate. You will get it within 7-14 days depending on destination.
whole procedure takes around 15-20 minutes.

Congratulation, you are now officially GMC registered doctor.

Things to remember:

# Once you submit the application and pay registration fee, you need to complete the process including ID check within 90 days.

# CGS issued by BMDC is valid for only three months.

Best of Luck.

Dr. Qamar Uddin Hejazi


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