What To Do After Internship

I want to discuss about the options just after internship .I will share what I did in my case.

When I started my Internship , I chose my field. I got a feeling while I was an intern in medicine ward that Medicine will be my place where I wish to spend rest of my life. While working in other wards during that period, I tried to read Davidson’s Medicine book whenever I got time in my free hours just to get accustomed to different medicine topics which I didn’t cover as an undergrad student.In the mean time. My last ward placement was Obs and Gynae, I started preparing for FCPS part 1 from the 2nd month of the placement, read the basic science in this 2 months and the last month before the exam , I started revising Davidson as far as I could and time allowed. Tight call it was, but cleared it.

** My tips :

1. Please do chose your specialty ASAP, It could be clinical or non clinical acc to your choice , both are rewarding if you have a clear plan and integrity to pursue it confidently.

2. Be very sincere during internships, document everything you learn , try to get certificates from professors specially teaching ( presentations ) and procedures.

3. Its not necessary to start with FCPS always, you can plan any Post grad exam as your 1st xam. I did mine because FCPS was a trend then. It could be MRCP / MRCS/ MD/MS or any licencing exam according to your priority.

4. Never settle for less. Try to chase the field you really wish to work in. There is no field in medical science which is not worth a try, If you like it, go for it.

Any questions are welcome.

Good luck

ST3 Trainee( East Midlands Deanery) 


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