Tips for Junior Doctors

I want to share few experiences which might come handy in future, simple tasks but we often forget to put things together as we are not told about the importance.

  1. We attend different international/ regional congresses arranged by different medical societies in our country. Thats a real good thing. But all we bother about is the quality of the kit and putting photoes in FB. No problem in these things at all, just we need to make sure , we keep the certificate of attendance in our collection to enrich our portfolio. Every certificate counts!
  2. I remember, when I was an intern in a nephro ward, we had an excellent registrar who taught all the interns how to put a jugular/femoral vein catheter which is such an important procedural skill. I should have collected a certificate from my registrar that i can perform these skills. Nevertheless, my advice for my dear juniors, try to persuade your seniors to sign an individual certificate for each of the expert technical procedure you perform. This will be of real help, trust me.
  3. If you consider medical knowledge, we bangladeshis have an ocean of knowledge covering theories , causes and diagnosis etc because we read text books thoroughly. But, we need to be upfront about presenting these knowledge in terms of articles, case serieses, protocol writing and journal publications etc. Portray your knowledge and creativity in scripts for the world.
  4. All group members, my humble request is, please share your original works in this group to encourage others. I will post my poster presentation which i have displayed in an international conference recently. I know so many of us have their own publications. Please share and spread the knowledge and idea .

Enough of gyan bitoron! Above everything that is required for professional life, keep a day in a week for rest, refreshing up and most importantly, for your own happiness      cheers !

ST3 Trainee( East Midlands Deanery) 


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