MEXT scholarship Application Guideline

Those who want to apply for MEXT scholarship ( Also known as Monkagubusho Scholarship- fully funded scholarship to Japan)-

1. Give IELTS or TOFEL. Its bears much importance. This is the single most important criteria to be selected for written examination passing the screening round.

2. Choice of subject: My take on this, dont apply for public health. apply for microbiology, immunology etc or read the MEXT documents to look for the medical related subject.

3. If its Japan you want to go, you should start the search for professor and university beforehand. As, MEXT has two route, one embassy route and other University route, It can be a backup way. Its NOT always necessary you search for university beforehand at embassy route, because after you are selected, they will do the university matching anyway.

4. Give the written test. It comprises 100 marks on English and 300 marks on japanease, taking both are compulsory. Basic english would suffice. YOU NEED NOT TO KNOW ANY JAPANEASE. But just answer them anyway. I mean the MCQs can be randomly guessed.

5. The viva voce is simple. They would ask you about why Japan, which Univ you want to go, will you come back after study etc etc. Just dress up sharply and be confident.

6. after this stage it is almost certain you are going to japan. Still you there are some stuffs simultaneously going on like University matching.

Application process usually opens in month of April.

Been there! went through these stuffs. Applied for 3 times but it was the last time I went that far in the selection process and was successful. In first two time, I was not even called for a written test. So for those, who are looking for a funded masters, I would say, never stop trying.

Best Of Luck

Dr. Debashis Datta
Master of Science in Public Health (Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde)