IELTS Writing Tips

Hello everyone!!!

I have been asked to write something about IELTS writing! First, let me be very clear, I am not at all an expert of IELTS. I am writing this from my own experiences. So, IELTS has become a nightmare to a lot of people. Without IELTS you cannot start your journey of post-graduation or cannot start your job. And the most horrific part is the writing part.

I know many people who struggled a lot with IELTS writting even had to sit for IELTS upto 12 times! So when I started my preparation for IELTS writting I thought how can I score more with minimal effort (as I don’t like to study at all).

The first thing that strike me was securing more marks in Task 1. Because how much you try, you can not get full marks in Task 2. But as Task 1 is more of maintaining a certain structure, it is easy to get almost full marks in task 1. So if you do well in Task 1, you can be pretty much confident in getting that desirable band 7 in writing.

So here are the tips for IELTS writting Task 1-

1. Read the question very carefully. If you don’t understand the data, you may end up putting wrong information in the essay for which you will be penalized.

2. Follow the format of 4 paragraphs. In Ryan’s videos he always mentions that there is no need for conclusion in task 1. But the 4 paragraph format is liked by many examiners. And I think this carries better band score.

3. Don’t copy the question into the introduction. Try to paraphrase. If you are not good at paraphrasing then try to use synonyms of the key words. You can also change the name of the study groups. Like, if the data is about USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia then you can write them together as five developed nations of the world. Similarly, European nations, Australian citizens of different age groups, British people over last fifty years etc. Always try to write the most striking feature that you can see at the first glance in the second sentence of the introduction.

4. Don’t use a word more that once in one paragraph. Try to use different synonyms. If you can’t think of synonyms then use one third, two fifth this kind of words instead of percentage.

5. Try to use different good and uncommon vocabularies and linking words in your body paragraphs. For example, And, So this are very common linking words. You can use henceforth, however etc replacing them. Then, firstly secondly are common terms. You can say to begin with, follwed by, last but not the least in their place. I will upload a file later where you can find lots of examples.

6. You should make a list of few vocabularies which you will put into your task 1 irrespective of whatever data you have to describe. I found this really helpful as then you don’t have to think about vocabularies at the examination hall.

7. Take atleast 25 min for task 1. Remember this is the easiest key for better band score.
8. In conclusion Don’t give any suggestion or opinion. Try to paraphrase the introductory line. For example, In conclusion the data depicted in the line graph makes it very clear that the price of fuel skyrocketed over the past decade…..etc.

9. Don’t start like the given graph or this graph. Always start like the line graph / the pie chart etc.This is all for today. I will try to write down more tips and upload some files later on. Please do not share this to any other page.

Thank you

Dr. Mahjabeen Rahman Rini

Trust Grade SpR (Elderly Care Medicine) at Russells Hall Hospital


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