How to obtain a Obs & Gyne specialty training number (ST1) in the UK

Obs and Gyne is one of the toughest specialty to get a training number in. When I started my journey in NHS last year in June 2017, I was being told that until I get indefinite leave to remain I am not eligible to get training number in this specialty. I was encouraged to even change my specialty but what I understand is, if you are passionate enough you can easily get a training number in this field.

I got ST1 post under South Yorkshire and Humber deanery, ranking 10 in whole UK.

  1. Obs and Gyne curriculum
    The training is a run through one, starting from ST1 to ST7. Every year you have complete all the mandatory competencies to be eligible for ARCP. ST1-ST2 basic competencies, ST3-ST5 intermediate competencies and ST6-ST7 advanced competencies.It is not mandatory to pass MRCOG part 1 before getting in to training, but have to complete part 1 before progressing in to ST3. Other two parts needs to be completed by ST5. You have to have less than 24 months of obs and gyne experience to be eligible for ST1. Those who have completed MRCOG are not eligible for ST1, they have to apply for ST3. But ST3 interviews are not held every year, as it is a run through training and only helds if there is any vacant post.
  2. Interview Process 
    The application opens every year in November and February, the interviews are generally held CENTRALLY over a 5 days period (only one interview for ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND, NORTHERN IRELAND). There are approximately 250 posts all over the UK, depending on your rank you will be given the post. The interview consists of three stations: portfolio, clinical and communication.
  • Portfolio station: questions about training pathway of obs and gyne, challenges, your commitment to specialty, audit, clinical governance, reasearch, presentations, publications, postgrad or undergrad degree, your strength and weakness, scholarships you got, leadership, management etc.
  • Clinical Station: It is a prioritisation station, where you will be given 5 cases. You have ptioritise them in order you will see them and then also tell management of each of them. They will also look for how you use your resources and other colleagues.
  • Communication station: There will be a case nad a simulator, you have the take history and discuss about the management to the patient.


My Profile

  • Education:
    a. MBBS (DMC), K63
    b. MSc Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART), University of Nottingham, UK with Distinction
    c. Currently in thesis pending period for PhD in Reproductive Medicine, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Professional experience
    a. RMO, Square Hpspitals, Obs and Gyne
    b. Specialty Registrar, Obs and Gyne, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (Part Time)
    3. Specialty Registrar, Obs and Gyne, University Hospitals Derby and Burton
  • Presentations
    a. Oral
    1. Postgraduate Forum, University of Nottingham, 2015, 2016, 2018
    2. Bangladesh Medical Association, London, 2016
    3. Annual meeting of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Finland, 2016
    4. Annual meeting of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Barcelona, 2018
  • Poster
    1. Annual meeting of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Geneva, 2017
    2. British Fertility Society, Edinburgh, 2017
    2. British Fertility Society, Liverpool, 2018
  • Publications
    Conference publications in Journal of Human Reproduction
    Publication in Journal of Reproduction
    other publications are under review
  • Scholarships
    Developing solutions masters Scholarship, University of Nottingham research scholarship, few small grants from the University.
  • Audit
    audits completed at University Hospitals od Derby and Burton

It is not a tough job to get training number in Obs and Gyne, you have to be systematic from the beginning. You have to work on your portfolio, be sincere and passionate, the door will be always be open for you. But the earlier, the better

Nadia Islam
ST1 Trainee(Obs&Gyn)




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