Salary of doctors in UK


Three questions

  • How is the pay for UK doctors?
  • How expensive is the life style?
  • Is it possible to live a standard life with single persons income?


Lets come to the salary 1st: 

After all tax monthly take home pay is- After PLAB , who generally starts as SHO gets £1900- £2200 without on calls.

With oncalls monthly salary climbs up to £2700- £2800

Without oncall means :9-5 job, 5 days a week, 40hrs/week, no nights

Oncall means : 48 hours a week and includes night duties. ( different hospitals have different ways of arrangin on-call rota)

For Registrars/ specialty doctors (After membership and enough working experience)

without oncalls: £2200- £2700
With oncalls – £3000- £3800

These are estimated salary (may be a little less or more for some doctors)

Now lets discuss the house hold costs:

The major portion of our salary is spent for house rent.

Average : £ 800 – £1400 (depending on location including bills and council taxes ) london is very expensive !!

If you stay near the hospital , transport cost is not much.
If you stay away from the hospital,
you should stay near the train station and arrange monthly season ticket ( £120- £200)


If you can cook, its not very expensive. In a 2 persons family where both are lazy like us who manage rice, veg and 1 protein , it does not cost more han £200-£250 per month. You can also buy prepared food from tesco/ asda / sainsbury ( supermarkets)
Bottom line is : if u can cook , u will save money!!

Household usage equipments, toiletries, Clothes, officewears and regular day to day life needs are quite reasonable.

So overall you can manage with £2000 easily if you dont have kids. If you have kids, then it might be a bit tight if u have to pay for day cares as well. But if one person works, other doesnt, then day care cost is manageable. Someone with a kid may clarify the cost issue a bit better than me.

So the conclusion is, in your initial life, you may not be rich. But you will enjoy a standard life while chasing your dreams here.Maintaining standard living is absolutely possible with a single member income. Spending wisely is the key.

If anyone has got any question, please feel free to comment below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

FOUNDER & ST3 Trainee( East Midlands Deanery) 


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