Well, I wont go for the exam details, i will keep the discussion regarding the practical aspects of working in the uk.

Those who have just graduated – Go for PLAB.
MRCP/ MRCS will be taking you to a more complicated pathway.

Those who have MRCP/MRCS part 1 done, complete it asap. I will advise, please clear Ielts in between the period of part 2 to paces. Otherwise, it will take an unnecessary extra period to clear it.

MRCP is a quite comprehensive degree I believe. Will get you a good grip over medicine but things are getting tougher in terms of getting seat and pass rate. So if you wish to come earlier, PLAB is a good option.

PLAB will enable you with good training options as well. You will have the opportunity to get Core medical training and once MRCP done, can try for the preferred subject.

But one important thing I want to warn is, its very tough for people to read for MRCP or MRCS with a full fledged on-call job. Specially if you have other important involvement like kids.So it might take more attempts in written part , but final clinical part should be easier.

You are the judge of your condition, be upfront and decide. Everyone faces difficulties of their own sort, so read through different experiences and assess your own position. And dont forget, we are here to help you

ST3 Trainee( East Midlands Deanery)


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