MSc/PhD in UK

Applying for a MSc in UK and getting an offer is really straightforward. The toughest part is getting funding. Most of the universities in UK doesn’t have any funding for the post graduate international students, soecially who wants to do a degree in clinical subjects. Rather they rely on commonwealth, chavening scholarship. If you are planning to do a MSc in UK try these fundings. These scholarships needs to be applied at least a year earlier.

Some of the universities have options of funding for international students, they offer full or half funding, some have European funding but mostly confined to British or European students. Some have options like reducing the tuition fees 1000-2000£. Another important thing to know is UK universities don’t provide any maintenance for the international students. So if are planning to come here for a MSc degree you may need to spend money on your living costs.

Here are some important points to be considered:
1. Decide the subject you want ro study in
2. Search for the MSc degree in that subject in Google
3. Make a list of the Universities that offer the course
4. Take a look on the ranking of the university
5. Go to their designated website and look for the modules ( what you will be taught)
6. Search in their website about funding for international students
7. Apply directly to the university (unlike USA, UK universities don’t rely on supervisors for admission)
8. Write an appropriate statement of purpose (very important), it should reflect your work, studies till now as well as your future career ambitions and how the course will help you achieving your dreams.
9. Good IELTS score
10. Any questions feel free to email the course administrator
11. After getting the offer, accept it and apply for scholarship (if the University have provisions)
There are two types of MSc courses in UK, taught and research based, duration may be 1-2 years. Taught course will have lectures, practicals, seminars, semester exams, a research project etc. Reseaech based course will mainly focus on research projects. So read your module information very thoroughly. If you are applying for a clinical subject try to find out whether there will be any patient contact, any options of going to ward or clinics. If you opt of lab based course, gather proper information regarding the laboratory classes. The course curriculum is completely different from OURS. So need a lots of dedication and enthusiasm. One year passes in a flash of time.
Direct entry to PhD in clinical subjects is almost impossible, you have to have a MSc from UK, European region, Australia or USA.
If you are involved in a project with direct patient contact GMC registration is a must.
Here comes the role of the supervisor, you have select a specific supervisor and approach him/her. If he/She is convinced then your admission is guaranteed. They will also arrange for your funding. PhD projects are usually funded, covers both the tuition fess and maintenance. But there is a lot of competition between international and British students. In UK you will have to compete with the Scientists as well as the clinicians.

Lastly, be very specific what you want to do and where this degree gonna take you in the future. You just don’t want your one year of life being wasted.
Best of luck

Dr. Nadia Islam
ST1 Trainee (Gyn&Obs)


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