Job interview in NHS

what question they ask in Skype interviews?

Usually the interview is divided into 4 parts.

1. They will ask you about yourself. You have to describe your CV in this part. You should emphasize your important achievements here.

2. They will ask 2 clinical scenarios. These are usually acute scenarios. Start like “I will assess the patient in ABCDE manner” then try to rule out the most probable acute things. They may also ask some ethical questions tell them what is most safe for the patient and try to tell that “my patient is my first and foremost priority”

3. They will ask if you have any teaching experience or any research and audit. Most of us don’t have that. Tell them that I don’t have it now but I am very interested in them.

4. They will ask about future plan, where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years. Try to sound confident and that you have a clear vision (even if you don’t have one)

5. Finally they will ask if you have any questions for them. Pls ask about a) Study leaves b) Study budget c) teaching opportunities d) Opportunities to do audits and quality improvement projects.

Dr. Mahjabeen Rahman Rini

Trust Grade SpR (Elderly Care Medicine) at Russells Hall Hospital


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