How to do poster presentation

Before going to how – lets focus on “why”

There are many theoretical reasons why we may do posters. I will give my reasons.

1. Its an excellent way of presenting your skills in Quality Improvement/ Audit/ research/ Service development/ Case reports and series.

2. These add extra points to your clinical skills and expertise when you are competing for a job which is lucrative for everyone.

3. Abstract publication in conference website/ booklets.

4. In UK Training programs , there is a separate scoring box for poster/oral presentation. You will need 2 posters/ 1 oral presentation to score the maximum point which is easier to achieve than some other blocks.


Now lets come to the point “How”

1. Case report: Pick an interesting case that you have seen in the ward and discuss it with your consultant. Search for few other relevant papers. Find out whether its worth reporting.
QI/ Audit : every year we are supposed to do audits. These are easier to present.

2. Look out for conferences. There are many regional/ national/ international conferences take place in the UK every year. Now a days many international conferences are arranged in Dhaka. So take ur pick.

3. Abstract: initially, we need to write down the abstract for judgement by the panel to be accepted for posters. Every conference website provides guidance and word counts for abstracts.

4. How to actually write the abstract: Abstract is basically the summary and highlight of the project.

In case report: I usually write the case summary under the heading of case report and then write few important bits about the case discussed in other papers under a heading “Discussion”

In Audit/ QI/ research projects: It is better to write the summary in 4 headings : Aim, methods, results, conclusion. I will add an abstract and a poster, that may help.

5. What to do after poster abstract is successful:

Registration for the conference. In the Uk, we can use our study budget of £ 500- 600 every year.

We need to prepare the poster few days prior to the conference. It can be prepared in Microsoft powerpoint. We should make it eye catchy by adding graphs, images ( CT/ MRI/ USG etc) , tables, charts and playing around reasonable colors.

6. Finally, lets print off the poster. I usually prefer 150/180 gram matt papers for my posters. It takes £ 8-10 if you do it by yourself or most of the time trust pays that on your behalf.

In this country every skill is appreciated. What I believe is, these skills are not mandatory to have but when you are running a marathon with thousands, it will give you a jumpstart which is very important for competitive specialties.

My aim is to share my knowledge which I earned in the hardest possible way so that my juniors/ colleagues may get the best benefit. I would love to answer question regarding this topic 😊😊

I hope it helps! All the best!

ST3 Trainee( East Midlands Deanery) 


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