How to ace MRCP 2

Tips for MRCP part 2:

1. Part 2 is more based on investigation and management where as part 1 is based on basics and diagnosis.

2. Part 2 requires thorough study and question solving as MRCP examiners tend to assess your core knowledge of disease, diagnosis and differential through part 2 written exam.

3. I started my prep in the following manner:

• Where to study from: I studied sanjay sharma as my main book for part 2. Even now, if I struggle with any data interpretation, I try to go through sanjay sarma. It’s the best book for part 2.

• For question bank , I preferred pastest for part 2, unlike part 1 where pass medicine is the best.

• Pastest is sometimes very overwhelming, you can note down the tough questions and revise it later. It’s very natural to forget uncommon diagnosis / management after reading it for the 1st time. So, don’t lose hope. Keep a track which question actually made u struggle 1st time, read it thoroughly and revise it. I prefer to make notes in a page and revise it later when I am free.

• ECG makes u Dyslexic? : Some people find ECG very difficult for part 2 which is quite natural. I read Hampton ECG – 150 cases and ECG made easy. Please go through the basics 1st, I know basics are terribly boring but it will save ur time later. I will be uploading all the books I have for ECG. Practice in a website called

• For X Ray – imaging, U can read the book called Armstrong. I didn’t have time so I just read Abdullah Sir’s Xray book and radiopedia.

• For dermatology, I found onexam better than pastetst. I frequently used this website : to see images of different conditions depending on the topic mentioned in the question bank.

• Disease management guidelines: I used to follow Oxford handbook and NICE guidelines.

• For Data interpretetion, there is a wonderful book written by Stephen Hughes which you should read once u have read all the systems and need to sharpen your data interpretation skill.

4. Exam day: It’s a long and tiring xam. Sleep enough before the day of xam. Keep your mind settled. Take fruit juice for the exam, keep urself hydrated. Remember if u practiced enough, read pastest and Sharma thoroughly, you should be able to answer at least 70% answers correctly.

5. Never leave a whole system like psychiatry/ derm / statistics. If you get a 0 in any of the systems, you will get a fail mark for the overall standardization. So read all the blocks and revise.

6. Endocrine and rheumatology are the trickiest in terms of data interpretation. I love Davidson for endocrine and rheumatology. So whenever u r in trouble, go through these topics in Davidson, trust me it will save ur life!

7. Exams are tough in postgraduation. Never ever lose hope even if you fail in the 1st attempt. Always remember, u are a human being and if others can pass, u will also pass 😇 keep trying harder to hardest. Nothing is unachievable 😊

All the very best 🙂
N.B.: I have uploaded the book pdf which are very helpful for part 2. its in the files section of the group. Unfortunately some of them are not latest as these are from 2014. But still may be helpful. Thanks 😍😘

ST3 Trainee( East Midlands Deanery) 


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